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  • Symptoms Of Menopause

    Menopause symptoms

    All-Natural Menopause Treatment Today it seems as though every time we turn on the television, we hear yet another report about a drug that was approved for widespread use and is now causing major health problems for many thousands of people. What is a body …

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  • Menopause And Wise Women

    Menopause and wise women

    Menopause and the Wise Woman Wise women approach the prospect of menopause with a calm and accepting and, yes, wise mindset. In the very same way a wise woman has prepared herself for other phases of life, she prepares herself for the menopause phase of …

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  • Menopause And Relationships

    Menopause and relationships

    Menopause and Relationships During menopause, many women have some very drastic mood swings and become emotional to the point of unreasonableness. Their husbands (or significant others), their children, and sometimes even their friends (who should know better) don’t understand this mood swing thing. They blame …

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  • Menopause And Health

    Menopause and health

    Menopause and General Health A woman’s life expectancy is a lot longer now that it was only a few years ago. Today a woman can expect to live well into their 80s and even beyond. That means that, as women, we will live at least …

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  • Menopause And Depression

    Menopause and depression

    Menopause and Depression Menopause is not a phase of a woman’s life that she anticipates with joy, but some women just have a harder time with the prospect of menopause than others. Menopause has a lot of physical symptoms like night sweats and hot flashes. …

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  • Menopause And Aromatherapy

    Menopause and aromatherapy

    Menopause and Aromatherapy Menopause is not a one-dimensional problem, although some doctors do seem to treat it as a one-dimensional problem. No, menopause is physical, but it is also mental and emotional, and the fact is that all of the different dimensions of menopause need …

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  • Anger Management And Menopause

    Menopause and anger management

    Menopause and Anger Management “Mom is really mad!” That’s what I overheard my son say after I had climbed all over his case about some minor infraction. I stopped for a minute and thought about what had just happened. My reaction HAD been unreasonable. Why …

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  • Andropause


    Male Menopause Actually the question “Is male menopause real?” has yet to be answered. It is true that testosterone levels drop as men age. Whether this causes male menopause is open to question. Whereas, most women have fairly large amounts of estrogen in their bodies …

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  • Hrt Is Is Safe

    HRT is it safe?

    HRT Usually somewhere between the ages of 45 and 55, women begin what is known as menopause. Their monthly cycles become irregular. They stop ovulating. Their bodies don’t produce nearly as much of the estrogen hormone. Eventually, menstruation stops completely. This is when menopause is …

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  • Menopause And Blood Pressure

    Menopause and blood pressure

    Menopause and Blood Pressure Directly, menopause itself is not responsible for an increased blood pressure. There is nothing physical about the process of menopause that would raise blood pressure. There are, however, some symptoms that are associated with menopause that can and do raise blood …

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