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Extract from Day 1

Going through the menopause can be a traumatic experience in any woman’s life. It can be quite overwhelming reading different books, gathering information and trying to organise it into some sort of regime. Most women are still working hard while going through the menopause and finding the time to establish a new routine to meet their changing body requirements is probably not that high on the priority list.

The Menopause 30 Day Concierge Programme has been designed to take that pressure away. It is an informative book that gets right to the point of the menopause, taking into consideration everything your mind, body and soul needs in order to have a successful menopause transition and a happy balanced lifestyle throughout it all.

  • Daily menu plan
  • Daily recipies
  • Daily activities
  • Daily tips on nutrition, exercise, beauty, style, body & soul

The programme offers daily meal plans with easy to follow recipes, specifically chosen to meet the changing needs of the body during menopause.

An exercise plan that incorporates the most beneficial exercises for this stage of life, ensuring you get the most out of your exercise regime and why it is so important to keep bones and muscles strong. We have even included daily facial exercise and brain exercise to keep you in tip top condition.
The programme also offers a selection of beauty activities and meditation exercises to do each day, all with specific time allocations.
If things are not planned it is very easy to overlook them, so we have made sure they can fit into your day, without being too much of an inconvenience.

As well as an organised daily activity regime, you are also provided with brand new tips every day on beauty, nutrition, exercise, body and soul and style, which will help keep you motivate during the 30 days and many years beyond.


Please make sure you click the link to see a full extract of a typical day on the programme.


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4.0 out of 5 stars Menopause symptoms? May 5, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition
A friend recommended this book and its been a real eye opener. I knew that the menopause was just around the corner for me but like most didn't really understand what was going to happen. This book has become my bible I followed the exercise and diet plan and can quite honestly say I am motivated to stick with it .For me the one thing this book has done has given me reassurance and I am definitely more confident about this next phase of my life .I do recommend it
Harriet Mortimeramazon.co.uk

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