Adjust Your Diet For Menopause




Going through the menopause means your hormones are going haywire. They can fluctuate by the day the hour and even the minute causing a whole array of emotional and physical problems.

By eating the right foods you will  be able to help balance your hormones and diminish some of the effects the symptoms are having.

Many foods contain phyto-oestrogens, which are plant based hormones that can help boost your oestrogen levels if you are suffering a deficiency.  Alternatively, there are certain foods that will encourage your body to balance your own hormone production naturally, rather than trying to replace your deficiency.


By eating a well-balanced diet and including foods that  are rich in
certain vitamins & minerals

You will help to control and minimise many symptoms of the menopause and ultimately ensure you are in the best possible health for the 30 or so years you have left after the menopause transition.
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