Dry Skin

Most women notice a change in their skin during and after menopause, and complain mainly of loss of firmness, elasticity and dryness. Unfortunately, there is no stopping the ageing process. From the moment we are born we start to age and by the time we have spent forty-plus years on planet Earth gravity, sun damage, lifestyle choices and environmental pollution all start to take their toll.

Oestrogen is very involved in the normal function of the skin, and the diminished levels during the menopause transition will contribute to a decline in elastin and collagen fibres, which support the skin, giving it firmness and smoothness. The decline in collagen is greatest in the years just after menopause – about thirty percent is lost during the first five years and about two percent every year after that.

Unfortunately we can’t turn back the clock, but we can take preventative measures to delay the ageing process for as long as possible, and that means working from the inside out. Your diet should include all the vitamins and minerals your skin needs, such as zinc and copper, which keep the skin supple and can be found in turkey and sesame seeds. Vitamin C and E for their anti-oxidants and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.  More detailed information on looking after your skin during the menopause can be found in The Menopause Secret.

Don’t forget to:

*Wear a sun screen
*Drink plenty of water
*Practice the facial exercises we have included in The Menopause Secret
*Exfoliate regularly
*Keep skin well moisturised