Exercise Plan

Preparing for your workout

If you don’t prioritise your exercise routine, you won’t do it. It is very easy to fill your day with everyone else’s demands, but you have to find the time to exercise, especially now, and you should be doing at least 20-30 minutes of activities most days. That doesn’t mean you have to intense training every day, just some sort of activity to strengthen and stretch your muscles and improve the strength of your heart.

Try to set a regular time for your exercise, write it on your calendar just like you would any other appointment and DONT cancel it! By having a specific time put aside to exercise you are more likely to do it, rather than just trying to fit it in somewhere in your day.

Once a week you should do a full body workout, lasting around 45-60 minutes and it should include aerobic exercise, muscle strengthening and some form of stretching. You may find Sunday or Monday a good day to do this as it will set you up psychologically and physically for the week ahead.
For the rest of the week you can alternate your exercises between aerobic, muscle strengthening and stretching.
Make sure you only do you muscle strengthening exercises every other day, this gives them time to respond to the stimulus.

You weekly workout routine may look something like this:

Mon – Full body workout  45-60 minutes
Tue –  Aerobics and stretching 20-30 minutes
Wed – Muscle strengthening and stretching 20-30 minutes
Thu – Aerobics and stretching 20-30 minutes
Fri –  Muscle strengthening and stretching 20-30 minutes
Sat – Aerobic and stretching 20-30 minutes
Sun –  (optional) Muscle strengthening and stretching 20-30 minutes


*Don’t forget to do your face exercises and your brain exercises. Full details are available in both of our books.