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Pause Hydra Creme No 1 Menopause Face Cream

Beautiful Radiant Skin Secrets



 In clinical trials of Pause Hydra Creme over 95% of women saw a significant difference in visible lines and wrinkles within 4 weeks.


PhytoCeiiTec™ Argan is the first active ingredient able to protect and revitalise skin stem cells.This not only helps to accelerate the natural skin repair process,but also fights against skin ageing from the root and therefore achieves a fresh and radiant appearance. Argan was developed to improve the regenerative capacity of dermal stem cells,achieving a deep rejuvenation of the skin.This active ingredient is based on Argan tree stem cells,one of the oldest tree species in the world.The Argan tree is native to the arid southeast of Morocco and has perfectly adapted to the intense drought and extremely high temperatures characterising that region.Unfortunately,the area where these trees grow has dramatically  reduced due to the extensive use of land,so nowadays the remaining Argan tree forests are under UNESCO protection.




The main function of the dermis is providing mechanical support  and elasticity to the skin. In order to maintain these important functions,healthy skin is submitted to a constant cell renovation,which renews and repairs the dermal connective tissue. New cells are produced to replace the damaged or dead ones.


Adult dermal stem cells are responsible for this regenerating process and are found in the dermal papilla of the hair follicle.These cells are differentiated in fibroblasts, which are responsible for the on-going production of extracellular matrix proteins: elastin and collagen.However,as dermal stem cells age,they become less numerous and show a reduced activity. As a consequence,the production of collagen and elastin decreases and skin loses firmness- wrinkles appear. Thus,it is important to protect dermal stem cells and maintain its activity.



* Epigenesis f. bioi. Theory according to which the features characterising a human being are modelled along its development,without being pre-formed in the germ.



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