Happiness – If we could buy it in a bottle it would be a best seller.
We all strive for happiness in our life – and why wouldn’t we? When you are happy you have an inner beauty that shines through and gives you a radiance that no jar of cream can ever give you.

Happiness can mean different things to different people, but one of the main things that distinguish happy people from unhappy people is their attitude. They have a different way of thinking about things and doing things. They interpret the world in a different way and go about their lives looking at things from a different view point.

When you have a positive attitude life becomes a rewarding adventure, instead of something to get through.

The real source of happiness lies within the mind and not in external conditions – and this is something you actually have control over. If something is not right in your life change it – don’t spend hours, days, weeks worrying about it all, because nothing will happen until you make that change.

Remember, you don’t find happiness you make it!