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Some days you can look at the world and everything is wrong – On another day you may see it from a different perspective.
Nothing has change apart from your mind set. The problems are all still there, but you have chosen to look at them in a different way.

When your hormones fluctuate during the menopause you can find yourself in a constant state of conflict with your emotions.

While I was living in Asia I had the opportunity to spend time with a group of beautiful Buddhist monks, who very kindly shared with me many secrets of the soul.
Being at peace with yourself, while trying to manage all of the problems and stress in this busy world we live in, can be hard at times.

In ‘The Menopause Secret’ and the ‘Menopause 30 Day Concierge Programme’ I have tried my very best to pass on to you the wisdom of these Buddhist monks, to help you appreciate everything this world has to offer.

Journey of Self Discovery
The Body & Soul chapter in ‘The Menopause Secret’ really is a journey of discovery. It will remind you of who you are and really what your life on planet Earth is all about.
We will show you how, through meditation, you can get back to yourself. How to unleash your sensuality, how to find happiness, appreciate your friends and discover the benefits of holistic healing.

Look Magnificent in Menopause
While we all know that true beauty comes from within, it is also nice to know that you look good on the outside too. For this reason we have included lots of information on skin care and what happens to your skin during the menopause – How your skin ages and how to keep it looking good, along with a complete skin care regime for menopausal skin. We also give your make-up box a make-over and divulge a few secret ‘tricks-of-the-trade’.

Let us show you how to look and feel your very best, not only through the menopause transition, but for the many years to come.

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