Loss Of Libido

The term libido has long been used to describe a person’s sexual desire. Loss of libido or desire for sex may have its roots in hormone imbalance, but psychological and physical factors also play a part. Low self-esteem, poor body image, vaginal dryness and irritation, feeling exhausted, headaches………… no wonder you don’t feel sexy – what is a woman to do?

First let’s look at how your hormone imbalance is affecting you.
Low levels of oestrogen will cause changes in the vulva and vagina as the blood supply diminishes. The vulva area becomes paler, thinner and less plump and there may be a loss of public hair. Lack of oestrogen is also the cause of vaginal dryness. Lack of blood supply to the area causes a decrease in lubrication.
Falling progesterone levels can also cause loss of libido. Progesterone is normally at its highest at ovulation, which is when a woman is most fertile. It then falls to almost zero when ovulation no longer occurs – So it makes sense that a lack of progesterone may have some effect on your libido.

Apart from your hormone imbalance, there may be other issues that are affecting your sexual desire. If you are used to a fairly active sex life that has dwindled down to almost nothing, it could begin to affect both you and your partner, and the last thing you need in your life right now is more stress and misunderstanding. You need to explain to your partner what’s happening to your and why. Chances are he will have no idea how you are feeling or what’s actually happening to you, both mentally and physically. He is probably thinking you don’t find him attractive anymore and is feeling hurt and rejected. Communication is the key. Tell him how you are feeling about your body, your insecurities and how it is uncomfortable to have sex because of the dryness. Then explain in a very simplified form, because that is all he will really want to know, about your hormone imbalance, what it means and how it is affecting you. Once he has been reassured that it is nothing to do with him, you will be able to work together to find new solutions to improving your sex life.