Your memory starts to decline from around the age of 20. So by the time you reach the grand old age of menopause you would think you would have adjusted to short term memory loss and fuzzy thinking.  Still it seems to come out of nowhere, and these ‘senior moments’ can be very frustrating when names and numbers seem to completely evade you, and you seem to have acquired the inability to focus on everyday tasks as your mind decides to wander off.

You are not going mad and you are not alone. That ‘Spacie’ feeling effects most women at some stage and you have every right to blame it on your hormones. Declining oestrogen levels have a large effect on the functions of the brain, including verbal word fluency (the ability to remember names and words) as well as language skills and moods. This decline also has an effect on your neurotransmitters in the brain, which regulate cognitive functions, including memory and the ability to concentrate.

Exercise will improve your circulation, helping your blood to carry more oxygen and energy to your brain, making you more alert. Meditate to practice your concentrations skills and calm your overloaded mind.  You can also try doing some brain exercises to improve your memory and alertness. You will find a whole section on recommended brain exercises in The Menopause Secret.