Menopause Secret


The Menopause Secret.

This is not your usual book on menopause, or another one of those ‘feel good about the menopause’ type books.
It will open your eyes in so many ways, showing you how you can improve the quality of your life on all levels and achieve total balance – because as Atherton notes, menopause is so much more than erratic hormones.


 Chapter 1 – Helps you understand the menopause and why you may be suffering certain symptoms. As it guides you through the three stages of menopause, it explains how fluctuating hormone levels may be affecting your body, and as the book unfolds, you are given the knowledge and information you need to feel confident about dealing with this next stage of your life.  While at the same time successfully managing to cut through all of the medical jargon and get straight to the point. The ‘Cause & Cure’ section gives you answers and solutions – Here; Atherton has managed to capture an effective approach to understanding many of your concerns.

Chapter 2 – It can be hard to make information on exercise exciting and inspiring. But Atherton has manage to do it here by throwing in little snippets along the way to make it more enjoyable, for example the brain exercises and facial exercises were unexpected, but worked well alongside the aerobic workout instructions, and made a welcome change from the usual type of exercise information – However, she doesn’t fail to overlook the more serious side of exercise and why it is important, especially during menopause. She compliments this very well with an effective exercise programme, where the emphasis has been placed on it fitting into your daily routine.

Chapter 3 – The menopause seems to be perfect to use as an excuse for gaining those few extra pounds.  Here, Atherton has a convincing way of laying those myths bare, making you confront your weaknesses, and own up to the fact that it’s not totally the fault of your erratic hormones.
A few simple changes in your eating habits and adding certain foods that can be extremely beneficial to your body can make a huge difference to your health.
Atherton’s experience as a trained clinical nutritionist means she can offer reliable and sound advice on the types of foods which are going to be most beneficial during menopause, as well as helping to control your weight. This one chapter alone probably contains more relevant information on diet and nutrition, than many books dedicated to this subject.

Chapter 4 – The Body & Soul chapter is the ‘Hero’ section in this book. It will help you stay sane during your menopause transition. It reminds you to look after yourself and take the time to really enjoy your life. Whether it’s pampering yourself with the exotic spa rituals and recipes, updating your style with new make-up colours, hair styles or clothes, or even vamping up your sex life – it’s all here. Atherton has also managed to include the more unusual formats that may take your approach to menopause down a slightly different path, for example, the instructions on making the personal alter are very inspiring, without being too ‘off the wall’.  Many of the holistic approaches towards the menopause can sometimes be a little overwhelming, or not what you would consider to be part of your interests. Atherton has successfully managed to capture the essence of these alternative views, giving you the opportunity to explore them in more detail.  As you read through this chapter, you will find yourself being drawn in and inspired. It will encourage you to re-evaluate your world, so you can truly enjoy the rest of your life, like it’s the best of your life.

 As Atherton say’s, your mind is your master and if you can help control it, whether through meditation or other alternative therapies, you could also control many of your menopausal symptoms

An inspirational book, full of valuable information that will last you a life time. Definitely worth the read.

As this book gives up its secrets, discover how you can control your mind, your body and your lifestyle. Once you understand this, you will understand 'The Menopause Secret.' Browse and buy the kindle book on amazon now!

First and foremost, I must mention that this is an exceptional book, from the title page to the photographs to the index to, most especially, the broad-ranging content. It is so much more than simply detailed information on hormone change and how to counter-act it. In offering menopausal women a new perspective, new ways to take care of their bodies and minds, and new ways to pamper themselves, you have created a revolution in books about menopause. You have covered every possible aspect, and most important, you have created hope. I’m particularly interested in and impressed by your self-image and all the ways to improve through diet, exercise, relaxation, friends, sex, skin care, and fragrances. You’ve achieved amazing complexity and more than impressive coverage, thereby providing everything a woman needs to know.

Wanted to know what was happening to me & this book answered my queries. A friend has since told me to get myself down to the Doctors for some HRT, but this book has given me the courage to try to manage my symptoms through diet/lifestyle. Read it through, but will be dipping back in as & when I need reminders.OkAmazon.com
The Menopause Secret—Jane Atherton
The structure of this book is laid out in such a way that it is clear, informative and easy-to-follow. If a reader is interested in one aspect of menopause, or how to best deal with this phase of her adult life, then the chapter break down makes an easy way for her to flip to that particular section of the book addressing her concerns.
The book’s tone is overall conversational. It has the feel of a woman friend, who is a little bit wiser and further ahead in life, giving advice as you sit over a cup of tea or a glass of wine. This takes the scary edge off of the topic, and demystifies menopause. Often in life we are not advised about things of great importance that we will be encountering, whether it be death, or marriage, or raising children, or menopause. This books takes on the task of informing women, not only biologically, what they are facing, but practical ways to deal with menopause from exercise to nutrition to relaxation.jennifer Magelaneexpertsubjects


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