Perfect Pampering


Bathing can be a wonderful experience, especially when combined with oils, candles, soft music and incense.

It can be your personal spiritual retreat and can help ease away the aches and pains of the day and dissolve menopausal symptoms.

Try to find time once or twice and week to indulge in this unhurried luxury. Remove any distractions – partner, pets, kids – take the phone off the hook and disappear into your sanctuary, nothing else matters right now, just you, in your space, in your time, in your world. Relax and allow everything to drift out of your mind.



Tropical Rain Bath Recipe
(extract from The Menopause Secret)

1 Tbsp. (20ml) coconut oil or jojoba oil
12 drops ylang ylang essential oil
12 drops jasmine essential oil
12 drops clove essential oil
Mix all oils together in small glass bowl and add to bath water

Essential oils will help nourish the skin and give a sense of well-being.

Body Brushing
Body brushing is an invigorating experience. It will wake your skin up and leave you feeling very refreshed, as well as improving circulation and removing dead skin cells.

Body Moisturisers
A good moisturiser is one of your skins best friends. Water constantly evaporates through your skin into the air at the rate of about one pint per day, and the more water your skin loses, the drier it gets. Body moisturisers will form a film on your skin that adds a barrier, helping to seal in moisture for longer and prevent evaporation.

Next to your face, your hands are probably the most visible part of your body and looking after them should be part of your daily skincare regime. Use hand creams daily and chose ones that have lightening agents in them to reduce the effect of any age spots. Make time for a weekly hand massage and manicure and do hand exercises regularly.

There is nothing worse than sore feet, but if you don’t look after them, what can you expect? They deserve to be looked after just as much as any other part of the body. Pamper your feet at least once a week, soak them, massage them and give yourself a weekly pedicure.

Spa At Home
Indulge yourself with the perfect spa at home treatments, including our delicious Foot Spa Ritual.
All available in the Body and Soul section of The Menopause Secret