Sense of Sound

Listen to music
Music can be particularly powerful in affecting your moods. Choose music that you can both enjoy and will stir up passionate feelings – You might be surprised to learn that the sounds of African drum music has an effect on you. That raw sound of a drum beating could awaken the sexual desire and needs within you.  Make some time together to listen to different types of music and put together a play-list of your favourites.

Read sexy stories to him
While listening to music may get you in the mood, the sound of your partner talking to you, or you expressing your desires to him can also be highly erotic.  You may feel slightly uncomfortable doing this to begin with, so why not start by reading erotic stories to each other, the words are already there for you, and you can choose stories that are of particular interest to you both.  sextails.com has a huge selection of free erotic stories and will encourage you feel confident and familiar with talking dirty to your partner.

Talk dirty
While having sex, you will probably find that there are a lot of naughty things that pass through your head. If you can think them, then say them to your partner, and if you’re aroused it’s definitely going to sound dirty.

5 lines that make for good dirty talking
You make me so wet
Ummm, it feels so big!
I love the way you feel inside me
Ohh… don’t stop that!
This feels so good!

It’s not always what you say to him to turn him on, but how you say it that makes all the difference. Don’t giggle or try to look sweet. Look sexy, feel confident with your own body and moves, and just drop a few sexy words while biting his ear


Talk about a memory
Can you recollect any sexy incidents that always turn both of you on? Perhaps, the time when you almost got caught, or the last time you allowed him to fondle your breasts and you knew someone was watching. Imagining and re-creating a sexy memory can be extremely arousing and connecting for both of you.

Talk about what you would like to do
Tell him what you want him to do to you, or what you would like to do to him. If the thought of your partner being pleasured by someone else turns you on, tell him, talk about how you want to watch him having sex with someone else, and see him fondling another woman, watching him get excited as she teases him and plays with him, and how you want him to watch you play with yourself as he slides into her.
Or tell him you want to take a drive to some remote place where he can you pin you down and thrust your thighs apart with his knee. You want to feel his fingers snake through your hair and pull your head back. You want to feel his teeth on your shoulder and your naked body against the ground as he has his wicked way with you.
No doubt you will have your own favourite fantasies and desires, just make sure you share them with your partner.

Sometimes you don’t need words to talk dirty.  When you’re making love to your partner, show your appreciation and express your feelings, if your lover is touching you in an especially pleasing way, if you like the feeling of his tongue teasing you, or his hands grabbing your breasts, pulling and squeezing your nipples, allow yourself to respond with moans and gasps of enjoyment, giving him encouragement to carry on.