Sense of Taste

The main organ responsible for taste is your tongue, and although there are many taste receptors situated on the taste buds, there are just four different types of receptors that are responsible for the thousands of flavours we taste each day – sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Some believe there is a fifth sense of taste – Umami, created by the Japanese and is what give brewed soy sauce its special flavour, imparting a savoury type taste to many dishes.

Many of us are guilty of eating without appreciating the taste of our food. It is merely fuel for our body, which is sad because food is so much more. By having the ability to really taste the flavours and enjoy the textures, we could gain so much more pleasure and enjoyment from nourishing our bodies with food.

Try different combinations to excite your taste buds and get them tingling (and your partners). Try ice cold water with slices of lemon and frozen grapes, or sweet white wine with dark chocolate, or red wine with fresh figs and roasted almonds, or iced tea with fresh mint, sliced green apple and sharp cheddar cheese.

Include some aphrodisiac foods in your diet on a regular basis. Aphrodisiacs are basically foods which put you in the mood for love.
Named after the Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, this selection of foods are supposed to awaken all your sexual desires and leave you feeling very aroused.
You are probably aware of some of the obvious ones like oysters, which we know aren’t to everyone’s taste, but we have listed some more appealing options here for you to try:

Food can also play a fun role on your erotic journey. Your tongue is a wonderful sex organ all on its own, not only because it can taste and feel, but because of all the titillating things it can do too. The tongue and lips have many nerve endings allowing them to revel in many delicious textures and feelings.

A fun way to heighten you sense of taste is to blindfold your partner and feed him a selection of foods, make it fun and chose things that are sweet, salty, sour and bitter (and umami). Not knowing what might come next makes each flavour more intense.
Re-watch the movie nine and a half weeks for ideas and inspiration. This erotic romance movie put using food as foreplay on the map.

Edible substances such as champagne, honey, ice and whipped cream, can all offer exciting sensations when being licked off the body or placed on the tongue. Fruit, cut into small bite size portions works well, try rubbing strawberries, mango or papaya over each other and nibbling it off.
Ice adds a sensation all of its own. Gliding an ice cube around your breasts and nipples, and over your extra sensitive spots like your clitoris, will definitely put you on high alert. You can even try rubbing the ice cube over your lips and then kiss your partner, his hot lips against your cold lips can be especially delicious.

Chocolate body paint, honey and syrup are all fun to use, especially if you have a sweet tooth – Drizzle over the body and slowly lick your partner clean.

Sexy edible lotions, potions and powders are readily available and can enhance your lovemaking. Some of them can be a little messy though, so you might want to keep some wet wipes at hand. Alternatively why not try making your own – we have a great selection of recipes for you in The Menopause Secret. You can try this one for starters.

Edible Honey Dust Body Powder

8oz Corn starch or arrow root powder
2oz Honey powder
2oz Vanilla powder

Mix well and sift into a jar – Apply using fluffy feathers.