Sense of Touch

In the bedroom our sense of touch covers everything from your partners light feathery strokes across your body, the feel of his warm moist lips on yours, the soft silk of your lingerie encasing your breast, the cool cotton sheets against your skin, or your favourite sex toys heightening your pleasure as you become aroused.

When you are with your partner take your time to focus your attention on his touch, notice how his hands feel against your skin as they tantalise and tease you, be fully aware of what he is doing to you and how it is making you feel.

You cannot remove or diminish the sense of touch, nor should you try. Instead, try to heighten it by depriving other senses. Blindfolding is usually the best option for this and will put your nerve endings on high alert. The anticipation of waiting and not knowing where or how your partner is going to touch you will intensify the experience all the more.
 If you are blindfolding your partner try rubbing an ice cube over his lips and then gently lick around the edge of his mouth with your warm tongue, tease his lips as you slip the tip of your tongue into his mouth. Use a feather or your fingertips to tickle the insides of his thighs. Don’t be afraid to experiment with pain and pleasure and hot and cold. Drip some ice cold water onto his body and over the tip of his penis, then blow a thin stream of air onto it and bite it gently. 

Touch allows our body to become aroused and when we combine this with sensory deprivation we can experience our sense of touch on a higher level. It adds an entirely new and exciting dynamic to a sexual experience, and if you really want to please your partner, you should definitely give it a try.

Using sex toys is another way to take your orgasm from great to unbelievable.
There are many many things available, all adding to sensory experience. Have a look online to see what seems appealing and give them a try.  Most women use vibrators, but there are so many more things available that you could try to enhance your love making experience.