Sensuous Living

Sensuous living is about being aware of those sensory moments that we know give us pleasure. Unfortunately in this fast-pace life many of us have had our senses dulled by over-stimulation and neglect.

Our senses are so over-stimulated, we automatically block out sensations in order to survive. We have stopped appreciating how much our senses add, not only to our sexual pleasure, but to our quality of life on a daily basis.

Most of us are starved of positive sensations – soothing sounds to relax us, taste and smells that satisfy us, the simple beauty of nature and the sensuality of being touched and caressed.


We need to re-awaken our senses and delight in the five physical senses of:

Indulge yourself and fill your environment with passion, beautiful objects and sensory experiences. By being mindful of all of your senses you will awaken a whole new world that you had forgotten about.

Now read our articles on the five senses and let us inspire you, delight you and re-ignite your passion.