During the menopause transition you will probably need to adjust your skin care routine at various stages to accommodate the dryness caused by fluctuating hormones and the natural ageing process. Make sure you follow a good skin care routine and keep keep your skin well moisturised to minimise the effects of ageing. This applies not only to your face, but your whole body

Ageing Process

During your 40’s you will begin to notice changes in your skin tone and texture. It will no longer be as tight and toned as it once was.

Fluctuating hormones will have a more dramatic effect on your skin during your 50’s. Lack of oestrogen will cause the loss of elasticity and colour. You will begin to notice the development of jowls and deeper lines on the face.


The change in your skin will continue through your 60’s, 70’s and beyond.
Once you are post-menopausal you will have a dramatic drop in oestrogen and your skin will become fine and fragile. You will need to avoid unnecessary pulling and harsh rubbing of the skin which could lead to broken blood vessels.
Wrinkles and expression lines now become etched into the face and your skin becomes dryer.