Vitamin A
Promotes healthy skin, bones and teeth
Sources – Eggs, spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes

Vitamin C
Anti-oxidant, strengthens bones, promotes absorption of iron
Sources – Broccoli, tomatoes, oranges and other citrus fruits

Vitamin D
Calcium absorption, teeth, bones, prevention of osteoporosis
Sources – Sunlight, eggs, salmon


Vitamin E
Anti-oxidant, maintains healthy tissue and red blood cells
Sources – Nuts, olives, apples, vegetable oils

Vitamin K
Bone formation, blood clotting, converts glucose into glycogen
Sources – Broccoli, dark green leafy vegetables, egg yolks, liver

Thiamin (B1)
Converts carbohydrates into energy, nervous system, heart muscle
Sources – Whole grains, nuts, seeds, eggs

Riboflavin (B2)
Healthy skin, hair and nails, growth of red blood cells
Sources – Green leafy vegetables, nuts, yoghurt

Niacin (B3)
Digestive system, skin, nerves, converts food into energy
Sources – Poultry, nuts, fish, dairy

Vitamin B6
Brain functions, helps the body make hormones, red blood cells
Sources – Poultry, tuna, salmon, carrots, spinach, brown rice

Vitamin B12
Promotes healthy blood cells and nerve cells, helps prevent anemia
Beef liver, fish, poultry, eggs

Promotes strong bones and heart muscle
Sources – Sesame seeds, sardines, prunes, broccoli, leafy green vegetables

Converts vitamin D into usable form, maintains muscle and nerve function
Sources – Salmon, avocados, whole grains, leafy green vegetables

Increases calcium uptake, brain function
Sources – Apples, pears, whole grains, carrots, leafy green vegetables

Energy levels, blood, carrying oxygen, healthy breast tissue
Sources – Liver, eggs, meat, nuts

Heart function, muscle contractions, electrolyte
Sources – Meat, salmon, dairy, fruits, vegetables

Immune system, wound healing, metabolism, energy
Sources – Red meat, seafood, whole grains, dairy